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“I walked into Surv for the first time feeling broken, but never would have expected that with the meaningful work we do, coworkers who care for us, and our mission of agape, Surv was the glue that sealed those broken cracks together. Surv has saved me in ways no other company has. The work can be tough sometimes, but it will fill your heart in ways that one would never expect.”

– Anonymous Local Worker

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As a Local Worker, not only will you be helping Neighbors with their odd jobs, but you’ll be building invaluable connections and learning the skills to upkeep your own home. Most adults experience an in-between phase between school and finding their purpose in life. We hope this job helps you figure that out.

Job Benefits

Do something different, for someone different, everyday.

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Commitment to Our Employees

As our Local Workers learn skills that will help them professionally, they are invited to our Full Life Group to develop in different areas of life along with their work.

Meet Some of Our Local Workers

“When I came home from college I was stoked to find Surv, an organization that also has a heart to serve. My favorite part of the job is building real relationships with neighbors in my community. I also love the community events that allow me to give back to those in need in my hometown.”

Meet Lexi, Local Worker
“I loved being a Local Worker so much that I now launch new communities. This is an incredible experience because it allows me to open the doors for people in the area to find their purpose in life; while giving Local Workers a chance to connect with and build a stronger community through service.”
Meet Cody, Launch Associate
“I lost my job during COVID, but then I heard of this surfer-ran odd job startup coming to my city and I knew I had to hop on board. Surv has helped me develop skills in so many areas, all while still being able to enjoy things I’m passionate about like the outdoors, craft beer, and music.”
Meet Jacob, Local Worker

Building a Team of People That Love Helping Others

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