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4 Trending Outdoor Spaces for Your Summer Hangouts

By: Olivia Timbone

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Whether you’re trying to spruce up your backyard for a summer BBQ or for a place to just sit and chillax on the weekends, we have the latest trends for you. 

According to, 77% of Americans relax in their yards at least once a month. Some of these trending design ideas could be put to use to increase this percentage and rate of yard use. Home improvement projects have increased as well over the past two years in part due to the pandemic. It is becoming more common to utilize outdoor spaces and gives homeowners a project to put their creativity into. 

Indoor Turns Outdoor

Bringing elements of your indoor living room outside, from furniture to decor. Patterned pillows and area rugs and even long sectionals can make your outdoor space feel more homey. Utilizing every inch of the space you have can be done by adding different types of decor and furnishings. Keep the basics outside like pots and planters and branched wreaths which remind you that you are outdoors still which is the fun of it all.
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Fire Pits

Fire pits can act as the center of your outdoor space. Some people use it as a table and some use it for a conversation piece… literally. There’s something about just sitting around your fire pit with good conversation and some s’mores. Fire pits are something the whole family will enjoy or even if you live alone to have company over. It’s a reason to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. 
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Outdoor Kitchens

An indoor kitchen is great, but having an outdoor kitchen is even better! These outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity over the past few years and according to the 2021 Outdoor Living Report, 65% of American homeowners aged 35-44 cite an outdoor kitchen as very important if they were designing an outdoor space. These are great for gatherings and family fun as they get everyone involved and in one central area. Outdoor kitchens add to your outdoor space, are customizable and can range in sizes. If you want a small kitchenette with a grill as your centerpiece that’s perfect, or if you like to play it up you can install countertops and shelving. 
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Lighting Aspects 

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From unique light fixtures, sconces and uplighting to globe, string and fairy lights, you can turn your outdoor space into a magical setting at night when entertaining or simply kicking back with a good book. Adding lighting completes the cozy look to your space. Uplighting can accentuate your garden blooms in the evening and can show off the architecture of your home. 
lighting aspect
lighting aspects