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Eight Easy, Budget-Friendly Home-Decorating Ideas  

By: Olivia Timbone

Decorating your home can be one of the most rewarding do-it-yourself projects you can take on. It’s a chance to add new energy and joy to your home while expressing your creativity. But decorating can also become one of the most expensive projects, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time. We can easily spend hours searching for the right piece then organizing logistics like transport and assembly. But we believe home-decorating doesn’t have to be this way, which is why we’ve curated seven tips to inspire you.  

Repurpose old wood 

Finding an interesting headboard, side table or bench shouldn’t require hours of shopping and nearly emptying your bank account. With a little research and creativity, you can build many of these pieces yourself. If you’re going for a more aged, vintage look, seek out non-damaged wood during your next trip to the antique store or from old furniture or buildings (like barns). If your style is more modern, a visit to the local hardware store is all you need to find your building materials such as wood, table legs, screws, knobs, braces. Building your own furniture (especially with help from our Local Workers) is not only more budget-friendly but also adds special meaning to your home. Few things inspire more pride than sharing with friends and family the unique and functional pieces that you made yourself. 

Repurpose antiques

Repurpose Antiques 

Next time you take a stroll through your local antique store, keep an eye out for interesting pieces that you could repurpose. Adding hooks to a leaning ladder can turn it into a coat hanger. Sewing tables can become statement night stands. Repainted doors can become headboards while old books can function as shelves on a wall. Suitcases can be transformed into tables and photo frames make creative wall decorations. When you find a piece that has potential, be sure to research your project thoroughly and check that the wooden pieces you buy aren’t rotting or damaged. 

Spray paint your heart out

Metallic spray paint is possibly one of the easiest and most fun ways to add a bit of glam and pizazz to your home. You’d be surprised what can be transformed with some gold spray paint. Use it to elevate ordinary items like buckets, soup cans and mason jars into fun accent pieces. Spray it on flower pots or candle holders that need a little pick-me-up or onto door knobs and hooks for a hint of flair. You can even use spray paint to transform old chairs, lamps and side tables into decorative centerpieces. The possibilities are basically endless. 

Let us help with your decoration projects

Use wallpaper to add personality

Beyond its normal function as an alternative to wall-painting, you can also use wallpaper to create a statement wall in one room or as standalone art. Dramatic wallpaper adds punch to a room that’s otherwise subdued and simple. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try layering together a few different patterns as a collage and framing it. You can also apply wallpaper to the outside of your dresser drawers or appliances like your dishwasher for a fun pop of color or use it to make custom lampshades and drawer-liners. Wallpaper is also a clever way to give your stairway or otherwise plain-colored bookshelf some spunk and personality. (P.S. These kinds of projects are exactly the kinds of things we love helping with at Surv).  


Try your hand at Macramé 

Macramé decorations may seem elaborate, but many of them are actually surprisingly easy to pull off. With a good amount of rope, clear instructions (look for free tutorials on YouTube) and patience, you can make a variety of home decor including table runners, coasters, wall decorations and plant hangings. Be sure to learn a few basic knots before jumping into an actual pattern. When you master a pattern you like, don’t forget to make a few extra as gifts for friends!

Use baskets for storage and decoration

With their various sizes, textures and colors, baskets are an effortless way to add some dimension to your space while keeping things organized. Use them to easily store blankets or toys in family spaces. In bathrooms or bedrooms, they can function as a form of storage either on countertops or on the wall, if you hang them like shelves. They can even serve as a home for your large plants, just don’t forget to plant them in a plastic planter first. If you have lots of little children at home, try assigning a basket to each one in various spaces (i.e., a bathroom basket, toy basket, school basket) could be key to helping the house stay tidy while they stay organized.

Layer your rugs

We all know the benefit of a well-placed, well-coordinated rug, but surprise, surprise: did you know rugs can be layered? True! Layering rugs together elevates any room in your h0ome by giving it some dimension. It’s also an easy way to add interesting texture, color and pattern combinations to an otherwise simple space like a living room. Layered rugs also boosts the coziness factor of the room, making it an especially appropriate design strategy for the colder months, in case you’re going for the hygge effect. Here are some helpful tips for layering rugs well. 


Hang dried flowers as decorations

While fresh plants are a popular decoration, dried plants can give your home a rustic vibe that’s especially fitting in the fall and winter. Using dried flowers as decoration also lets you display plants that have special meaning to you—bouquets from your loved ones or weddings or plants you’ve collected while traveling. Drying flowers is super easy…just hang them upside down for 2-3 weeks and spray them with hair spray once they’re completely dry. You can hang the bouquets as they are or use them to create dried-flower wreaths, center pieces or wall-hangings. 


A meaningful home is less about how much money you spend on decorating. Rather, a meaningful home is one that’s organized and designed in a way that fits with your family’s values and priorities. Decorating your home with handmade, do-it-yourself projects may not leave you with the most ground-breaking interior design you’ve ever seen, but adding a personal touch of creativity to your home with these kinds of DIY process is something money could never buy.