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Fight for the Joy of Being Together

By: Olivia Timbone

I recently celebrated turning 30. As I sat down to start planning my party, I realized I was having a hard time being excited about it. I love throwing parties so this was unusual for me. As I reflected on why, I realized that after two years of social distancing, we’ve gotten used to not seeing each other, used to not doing things in groups, used to being alone.

It’s important that we fight back. More and more young people these days are fighting depression and anxiety, feeling like life is meaningless. Meanwhile, those that are aging in place in our communities are struggling with loneliness, called “the silent killer” by health experts. That’s a big reason why we launched Surv+, our monthly membership. We know that by establishing more frequent interactions between our Locals and Neighbors, we’ll make it possible for them to experience deeper connections and more meaningful moments.

As we enter a new phase of life beyond COVID-19, it’s exciting to see people have gatherings and be with each other again, to feel the joy of being alongside friends and being more face to face with people. Even though it might sometimes feel like things are falling apart, we have to reignite that passion for community and keep it burning.