Full Life

How to Celebrate Independence Day Like a Member of the Surv Team

By: Olivia Timbone

(1) 4th of july
Our core values are defined as community, growth mindset, full life, finish strong and agape. As a member of the Surv team we all follow these guiding principles to stay focused on our end results and to guide us to make ethical decisions in our futures. 
As Independence Day approaches we look towards these values to seek how they make us more independent as individuals. Having a growth mindset and embracing feedback can help with aging individuals as well as anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone and accept help when it’s needed. 
Independence can be defined through shaping one’s identity through their own choices and abilities. In other words everyone has the freedom to shape who they become and what path they choose to take in life. Doing things with intention and commitment is what we describe as full life. Next time you are on a run, hanging with friends or even just going to the grocery store, do it with full intentions and be present. Living intentionally will allow you to have excitement for the present moment and a sense of empowerment when making decisions in the future. 
As an aging adult it can be hard to be open minded and it can be hard to accept help with odd jobs and tasks that need to be done. Accepting that help, taking ownership and being prepared for the jobs that need to be accomplished are all ways you can have a growth mindset about aging.

So, what does it really mean to be independent as an aging adult?

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As we get older things may start to become more difficult and strenuous than we remember. Growing older should not feel that you are losing independence, but gaining a new understanding of your resources at hand and being able to utilize them whenever you need. Accepting help and knowing that not everything has to be done alone for the job to get accomplished is a part of the journey and starting and finishing strong. 
Here at Surv we place a strong emphasis on getting tasks done for aging folks that may not be able to complete things around their home like they used to. Having help can preserve their physical and mental capacities and help them stay independent with other things for longer. It is crucial as an aging adult to have a growth mindset. Always embracing help when it’s needed most and not seeing failure as failure, but as speed bumps to growth. 
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Agape is the highest form of love. We see it as a way to connect people and bridge divisions that exist within this world. To be more connected with communities and the people within it can bring about exceptional and lasting relationships. At Surv we strive for agape as it is one of our key guiding principles.
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To celebrate July 4th as a member of the Surv family is to live your life fully and embrace the uneasiness and open mindedness of independence. Existing independently within a community comes along with constant support and the ability to finish any odd job or task at hand strongly.