Full Life

Letter From The Founder: Going Members-Only to Achieve Our Mission

By: Olivia Timbone

I recently returned to Rhode Island after spending two weeks in Hawaii with my best friend Collin. In addition to surfing and enjoying good food, we also spent hours cleaning out his surf-board factory garage and talking about life. He had his leg bit off by a shark 6 years ago and we haven’t had the chance to see each other since he moved back to Hawaii because we’ve both been “so busy.” 

Working side by side with Collin experience reminded me of how powerful it is to spend quality time with people we’re seeking to build relationships with, especially when you’re working on non-flattering projects together. I looked over at him moving faster than me with a prosthetic and was so happy to see how far he’s come since six years ago when he could barely walk just That was one of my favorite moments from the whole trip. 

At Surv, our mission is to build stronger communities through service and part of providing quality service is investing in quality time. Without that investment of time, it’s hard for relationships to grow deep roots. This is why in 2022, Surv will be transitioning to a members-only service model. While we love picking up one-time jobs, we know that it’s only by spending consistent time with our Neighbors that we can truly get to know you.

We are excited about how this new model will allow you to stay on top of your home with greater ease while enjoying more quality service and the opportunity to build meaningful intergenerational friendships with young people in your community.

I’m also excited about the chance for our Locals to have meaningful conversations and to learn from your experience and wisdom (similar to what happened to Cari). I know from firsthand experience how valuable it can be to have the perspective of older people in my community in my life.

Surv+ is still in “testing” mode but we’re hoping to launch in more communities next year. Please join the waitlist! In the meantime, we will gladly continue to service one-time job requests and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


Pat Brown