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4 Ways to be Hurricane Prepared with Surv

By: Olivia Timbone

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As we approach peak Atlantic hurricane season, August-October, we want you, your family and your home to stay the most prepared. It is always good to have a plan in case of an emergency like this. Here are some ways that you can stay prepared for a hurricane if one comes your way. 

Our team at Surv knows how stressful preparation can be for a disaster like this. That is why we are here to help. No overcharging and no high fees to get your jobs done. 

We will shop for your emergency supplies and prepare your yard by taking in patio furniture and other items. Surv will even help your secure your home by boarding up windows and doors and clearing your gutters out to prevent flooding.  

Create a Plan

The first and most important step is to always have a plan for you and your loved ones and furry friends. When creating a plan for a natural disaster like a hurricane, you want to have a list of emergency contacts on hand. This can be family members and close friends. 

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Plan to have a safe shelter space. This means being prepared to have no power, internet and water for an extended period of time. For higher winds the Red Cross recommends a windowless room on the lowest level of a building that is not going to flood. They als suggest if you live in an area of flooding to figure out a location prior to the storm that is on higher ground and not likely to flood. 

Know where you will go. It is good to know exactly where you will go, how long you will be there and what you will need to bring with you. That leads us into assembling what you will need for a disaster like a hurricane. 

Assemble Disaster Supplies

Here is an example of a basic kit that you should put together before a storm. 

Non-perishable food, water, batteries, a flashlight and a first aid kit are among the most important things you will need in case of a natural disaster like a hurricane. 

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Here at Surv we can help with whatever your needs may be, this includes putting together a disaster supplies kit. We do the shopping, so you don’t have to. 

Prepare for Winds and Flooding 

Preparing your property for strong winds and flooding during and after a hurricane is important. Clean out all gutters, stockpile plastic sheeting and have sandbags on hand. This will ensure that your home is protected from any possible flooding. By boarding up any windows or entryways you can protect your home from damaging winds. Garage doors are the most at risk with strong winds.

Secure all loose items outside, that includes lawn furniture, outdoor games, plant pots, toys and hoses. This will prevent them from flying into your home or your neighbors home. 

Know Your Evacuation Zone

Knowing the zone that you are located in will help when it comes to evacuating. If your area is being evacuated it is a good idea to bring your disaster supplies, never take shortcuts and to leave right away. 

Surv can help you check the small things off of your to-do list when preparing for an upcoming hurricane. From moving outdoor furniture inside and cleaning out gutters, to helping you create a disaster supplies kit. We do the small things so you don’t have to. 

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