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Local Highlight: Ladies Who Surv

By: Olivia Timbone

At Surv, we love strive to be a top place place to work for young adults who are looking for opportunities to become better connected with their communities while learning practical skills and gaining life wisdom from the people they interact with. Often, it’s assumed that work like painting, landscaping and moving junk are just for the guys, but we’re proud to have several great young women working for us. For International Women’s month, here’s a quick chat with two of our Lady Locals: Kayella Youngblood and Manna Foust. 

How did you come to work at Surv?

Kayella: Knowing Luke and Pat inspired me to try it out because it’s a fun flexible job that allows me to work but still have a fun free schedule and try new things! 

Manna: I stumbled upon Surv when looking for jobs in Wilmington, N.C. on Facebook. I immediately sent in an application, was interviewed and hired quickly when I found that mine and the company’s goals aligned.

At Surv, we do lots of odd jobs like painting, landscaping and event help. What are your favorite kinds of jobs?

Kayella: Landscaping, painting, event help and helping with little tasks around the house. 

Manna: I enjoy landscaping jobs the most! Working outside is one of my favorite things and there is so much satisfaction involved in the before and after of landscape work.

At Surv, our mission is to build stronger communities by connecting young adults and neighbors. Has there been a special meaningful moment for you on the job?   

Kayella: I’ve been helping this sweet lady named Mary with some help around her house and with some plants and garden work. That’s been special just being able to help her with the daily labor yet make it fun while we listen to old music and talk about her house and what it means to her to help her with the little things she loves. 

Manna: I love it when neighbors interact with us during our jobs to share life advice and hear about why we chose to work for Surv!

One of the most rewarding things about working at Surv is the chance to learn new skills. What are some skills you’ve learned while on the job that you’re most proud of? 

Kayella: I’ve learned a lot about painting, how to caulk and paint almost a whole house which was fun, and landscaping and how to replant plants and gardens which I’ve enjoyed a lot! 

Manna: Moving straps are the most magical learning tool I have learned to use while working with Surv on moving jobs. Safety and efficiency is key and moving straps are a tool I would now never want to go without when helping someone move! 

What do you love most about your city? 

Kayella (Charleston): Definitely the community! And the ability to enjoy both the beach and the city. I’m able to enjoy a little bit of everything! I also love the simple southern way I’ve been able to grow up here, that’s been amazing. I’ve also enjoyed through Surv being able to meet new people and learn about their life here in Charleston and what it means to them…it makes me love it even more! 

Manna (Wilmington): My favorite thing about Wilmington is The Cargo District! There is such a huge sense of community and uniqueness there that is like nothing else in this area.

What are your hobbies outside of work?  

Kayella: Surfing, painting, CrossFit and music.

Manna: I love to do photography, go to the gym, and hang out with friends!