Surv+ In Action: Ms Anne’s Story

By: Olivia Timbone

Every day at Surv, we collect stories from the field in our Slack and Telegram channels. We call these stories “meaningful moments” and they continually remind us of our mission: “Build stronger communities through service.”

We have collected dozens of meaningful moments and they are truly inspiring. Today, we are sharing with you one of these stories from our Charleston Community.

After losing her husband and mom during COVID, Ms. Anne realized it was time not only to downsize but to ask for help. As someone who prides herself on being able to ‘figure it out,” this was a big step for her. But it was a step that paid off: she found us on a Google search and became one of our earliest Surv+ customers.

Surv+ is a honey-do subscription service that makes it easier for seniors like Ms. Anne to feel confident about staying at home. As a Surv+ member, Ms. Anne can call on us to help with a variety of honey-do tasks including: 

  • Downsizing/decluttering 
  • Landscaping
  • Errand runs/deliveries
  • Interior painting
  • Furniture assembly

But more than anything, Ms. Anne can count on us to be there when she needs it. Her story demonstrates why we say that an odd job is “more than just an odd job.” We see every job as an opportunity to come alongside you as a friend, a listener and a helper…not just with chores, but in life.

By 2030, 65 million American seniors plan to age at home but they won’t be able to manage their homes like they used to and we plan to be there to help. Many would like to age in place but aren’t sure how to prepare.  

Part of why we exist is to come alongside the aging in our communities and make this kind of life transition less stressful. If this story resonates with you, please share it with your friends and family members, especially with anyone who is preparing to age at home.

Enjoy two bonus hours in your first month when you sign up as a Surv+ member by June 1, 2022. Use code SURVBONUS at checkout.