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Staff Highlight: Janki Patel

By: Olivia Timbone

Janki Patel is one of our newest staff members at Surv. She works on the Neighbor Success Team as an Adviser. She’s someone you are likely to speak with when you’re processing a job request or reaching out for answers to your questions. 

Which city do you call home?

Huntsville, AL is where I call home. My boyfriend, Devin, and I moved here two years ago after we finished college at the University of Memphis. As I’ve gotten older, I come to appreciate calmness–straying away from a bustling and loud city. Huntsville is the perfect in between city: tons of calm places and activities, yet I still have the option to go someplace lively if I’m feeling wild!

How did you find out about Surv?

As 2022 rolled around, I was at a point where I knew I had to move on from my old job. I felt stagnant, unable to grow professionally and mentally burned out. While job hunting, Lakin, one of our wonderful Surv schedulers and a close friend of mine, notified me that the company she works for was growing their sales team. I looked them up and read their mission statement and felt drawn to the company and its values. I immediately applied and interviewed with Surv. I have been happily working here since March 2022!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

My most valued and cherished moments when working as a Neighbor Success Adviser is when I get to joke around and laugh with the Neighbors. It feels nice to be that random stranger on the phone who is able to alleviate the stress of an upcoming stressful task (like moving) by talking, connecting, and laughing for a few minutes! Something as small as a joyful phone call can really help brighten not only the Neighbor’s day, but mine as well!

Who is an older person in your life that you admire?

LaGronda is one wonderful woman that I look up to. She is Devin’s (my boyfriend’s) sweet mother. LaGronda is a beaming ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Her kindness radiates through the air. I thrive to exude that source of kindness and comfort just as she does. She inspires me to try and practice genuine kindness everyday at work in hope that someone else is touched to do the same.

What do you enjoy doing after work?

I have recently picked up sewing. After work and dinner, I pull out my sewing machine and try to practice. So far, I have hemmed a ton of pants. As I get more comfortable with the basics, I plan on making a pair of pants! I’m very excited to be able to create and wear something that I made from thrifted clothes and fabrics!