We are Now Surv

A Letter From The Founder

“We’re committed to building stronger communities through service and it’s time for our name to elevate to meet our mission.”

Dear Neighbors,

Since the beginning, our core focus has been to bridge social gaps through odd jobs. Regardless of age, income, gender, race, or worldview, our hope is to bring more people together than apart. The longest run study on happiness – conducted by Harvard study of Adult Development – shows strong, long lasting relationships and connection to community are the key factors in a happy, long-lasting life. It also shows how loneliness is more deadly than tobacco and alcoholism. We’re already seeing the fallout: suicide is a leading cause of death in young adults and 1 in 5 Americans report that they are lonely.

In this COVID era, whether we recognize it or not, our inability to engage with other perspectives has led a lot of us to see our neighbors as “out of touch” or even “evil.” We ask, “How could they see the world that way?” In a time when we most need the ties of community, we’re sadly pitting ourselves against one another.

We are called to love our Neighbors. But a Neighbor isn’t just the person who has a home next to ours. A Neighbor is everyone we come in contact with, especially those near our home. You can’t choose who they are – that’s the beauty in it.

We believe that in order to live a fulfilling life we must spend time in the service of our neighbors. To serve is to live fully: to help someone when they need it the most, to be there during a tough transition, to take something small off someone’s plate and lighten their load, and perhaps most of all, to lean into relationships during times of disagreement or conflict.

Serving is as much about our customers (Neighbors) as it is about our employees. We care about giving our team purposeful jobs, helping them make connections, and enabling them to build a full life.

As we have grown and progressed, our early name of Rent Sons has caused some moments of confusion and disconnection in ways we couldn’t have predicted. We’re committed to building stronger communities through service and it’s time for our name to elevate to meet our mission. Effective today, Rent Sons will now be called Surv.

We believe selfless service has the power to naturally bring us together. We’ll press deeper into being humble, gentle, and hard-working in how we help our Neighbors with odd jobs. We’re determined to be lights in our community by spreading agape love with the purpose of bridging division. As Proverbs 10:12 says, “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers all wrongs.” We must all choose love in an effort to bring people back together, one job at a time.

Patrick Brown

Founder of Surv

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