Holiday Help

Check out all the ways we can help you this holiday season!

wood stacking

Wood Stacking

If you are getting wood delivered to your house soon, we’ll handle the stacking! We partner with the top wood delivery companies in Rhode Island!

  • 1/2 Cord: $120
  • 1 Cord: $220
  • 2 Cords: $300
holiday lights

Holiday Lights

We will install and take down your holiday lights and decorations, letting you enjoy the season with no stress.

christmas tree

Christmas Tree Delivery

For a flat rate, we’ll buy you a Christmas tree, deliver it and set it up! You can do the fun part of decorating it. You can choose between a Balsam Fir or a Frazer Fir!

  • 5-6ft: $150
  • 7-8ft: $170
  • 9ft: $180
holiday help

Holiday Party Help

We provide luxury labor for all of your holiday party needs whether it’s parking, setting up, or taking down.