Elevating Young Adults Through

Meeting the Needs of the Community

For us, it’s more than an odd-job. By connecting Neighbors with hardworking Local Workers, we build lasting relationships that can uplift a community.

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Pat Brown

Founded For Community

After founding the nations largest water special effects company, AQUA, Pat Brown revisited his business that he used to pay for college because he saw a deeper purpose. In 2017, he lost his best friend to addiction and another friend who took their life.


The #1 cause of death for 19-25 year olds is suicide

Many quietly struggle with their mental health. Strange enough, helping others can combat this statistic.

  • New relationships with like-minded coworkers.
  • Helping all different types of people.
  • Inspired by a Neighbor’s words or actions.
  • Joy from serving selflessly.
  • Satisfaction of completing projects with your hands.
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  • Learning & refining new skills in:
  1. Home management
  2. Work ethic
  3. Interpersonal communication

Through “Surving,” we’re meeting un-met needs in our communities:

By 2030, 65 million Americans won’t be able to manage their homes.

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Simple odd jobs keep people from being able to stay at home.

Our Home-Partner Program provides help for people to live fuller lives at home.

Our Vision: Create communities across America in which young adults have a purpose driven job available to meet the needs of the community.

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Our Mission: Building stronger communites through service.

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“When I came home from college I was stoked to find Surv, an organization that also has a heart to serve. My favorite part of the job is building real relationships with neighbors in my community. I also love the community events that allow me to give back to those in need in my hometown.”

Meet Lexi, Local Worker
“I loved being a Local Worker so much that I now launch new communities. This is an incredible experience because it allows me to open the doors for people in the area to find their purpose in life; while giving Local Workers a chance to connect with and build a stronger community through service.”
Meet Cody, Launch Associate
“I lost my job during COVID, but then I heard of this surfer-ran odd job startup coming to my city and I knew I had to hop on board. Surv has helped me develop skills in so many areas, all while still being able to enjoy things I’m passionate about like the outdoors, craft beer, and music.”
Meet Jacob, Local Worker

“There’s something bonding about putting your hands in the dirt together.”

– Bente (Surv Neighbor)