The People Make All The Difference

See how we Recruit, Vet, & Train our Local Workers.

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We take the hiring process seriously and consistently work to create a community of workers who are friendly, hard working, and reliable.

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How We Get Our Local Workers


Look for people oriented around surving others in churches and value aligned organizations. These are lifestyle driven people that see a deeper purpose in helping their community.


3x check our employees:

  1. Interview (phone + in-person)
  2. Background check
  3. Reference check

Pair everyone with our foreman mentors that have an extensive experience in odd jobs and growing our workers as individuals.

Commitment to Our Employees

As our Local Workers learn skills that will help them professionally, they are invited to our Full Life Group to develop in different areas of life along with their work.

Meet Some of Our Local Workers

“When I came home from college I was stoked to find Surv, an organization that also has a heart to serve. My favorite part of the job is building real relationships with neighbors in my community. I also love the community events that allow me to give back to those in need in my hometown.”

Meet Lexi, Local Worker


“I love working here! It’s awesome to see when a Neighbor is going through a challenging time, our team and I can show up, give them a good smile, work hard and make their live a little easier for the day.”

Meet Gio, Local Worker

“I lost my job during COVID, but then I heard of this surfer-ran odd job startup coming to my city and I knew I had to hop on board. Surv has helped me develop skills in so many areas, all while still being able to enjoy things I’m passionate about like the outdoors, craft beer, and music.”

Meet Jacob, Local Worker