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Leave your honey-do list to us.

Our monthly membership will allow you to spend less time managing your home and more time enjoying it while building meaningful relationships.

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surv+ is here for you.

Listen to Anne’s story and learn more about how surv+ is making a meaningful impact in our communities.

Membership benefits

How it works

Step 1. Tell your local community manager about the tasks you need done during your 30-minute consultation. 

Step 2. Your community manager will help you choose the monthly package that works best for you

Step 3. Book your job requests through our online portal…your jobs go to the front of the line

Step 4. Work alongside familiar Locals on a regular basis.

Step 5. Pay one invoice per month

Surv will soon be members-only

“Going members-only will make it easier for you to stay on top of your home and allow us to invest more time in the Neighbors and communities we care about.” Read More

Pat Brown
Founder & CEO

“The way I see Surv is as an extended family member. It’s as if your business model is family and community”

Anne in Charleston


Why are you going members-only?

While we love picking up one-time jobs, we really want to spend more quality time with our Neighbors. We believe this will allow us to build meaningful relationships and to strengthen our communities.

Will you stop filling one-time job requests?

Not for several more months. We will let all of our customers know when we are going members-only in their community. For now, please keep sending us your one-time job requests!

How is this different from the regular Surv offering?

Instead of having to book every single job, you’ll purchase a set number of hours per month and book your hours when you’re ready for help. Your job request will go to the front of the line and familiar Locals will come over to complete the tasks on your Honey-Do list.
Not having to book every job will save you time and having consistent help will make it easier for you to manage your home. Also, working with the same few Locals on a consistent basis will give you a chance to build long-term relationships with them, which is what we’re all about!

How much does the subscription cost?

We are currently testing pricing packages, but here are our current offerings:

– Lite: $75 for two hours of help per month. All extra hours would be $35/hour, a savings of $5-10 per hour.
– Regular: $140 per month for four hours of help per month and an hourly rate of $30/hour for extra hours needed.
– Premium: $250/month for 8 hours and an hourly rate of $30/hour for extra hours needed.

Where is this available?

We are currently serving Neighbors in Rhode Island, Charleston, South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida.

Membership benefits