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Meaningful Moments with Our Dads

By: Olivia Timbone

This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day in the US. A day to honor fatherhood and the fatherly influence others have in society. Sometimes Dad’s don’t get enough recognition for what they do for their children. Often children don’t see all that their Dad’s do for them at a young age, but the influence they have over them is what makes the difference over the years. 

Just by simply sharing moments together creates more impact on one another than you think. Hindsight is 20/20, so noticing a special moment while it is happening doesn’t always happen. It is after the fact when we realize that fixing up an old car or getting help with taxes or even building furniture in a new home are all special moments spent together that should be cherished. 

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” — Anne Geddes

We have asked a few members of our team to highlight some of the meaningful relationships they share with their fathers. 

Mary Bains, our Director of Neighbor Success, shares a meaningful moment with her father. 

marys dad

“The day before my wedding, I was pretty stressed and worried not everything would get done. We did most of the wedding ourselves, from decoration, to favors, cutlery & flowers. I remember standing on the front lawn with my bridesmaids and talking about everything we needed to accomplish, and how I couldn’t rest until it was perfect, and my dad gently grabbed 

my shoulders and said “it’s okay, Mary. Just be a duck” and proceeded to shimmy, bottom to top, with a flourish of his head. “A duck can be fully submerged in water, but then it shakes off everything, letting it glide off his feathers. Be a duck.” Then he shimmied a few more times. I laughed, felt a lifting of the burden, and I’ve never forgotten that sweet, funny, authentic, and wise moment.” 

These little moments are packed with so much wisdom. As we get older this wisdom serves us in our life in ways that we may not even realize yet. 

Garrett May, our Market Growth Manager, shares a special moment with his dad. 

“My parents have recently bought a property out in Brevard, NC. This place is beautiful, right in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains and within 20 minutes of the Pisgah National Forest entrance. The headwaters of the French Broad run along the east side, and their property is right on it. It is a beautiful trout-filled small river that my dad loves. He is a big paddleboarder, kayaker, and overall water guy, as am I, and has been taking his paddleboard upstream and paddling down the river to the house. While I was there last, he wanted me to join on this adventure, and I happily obliged. 

We had a fantastic time. The two-hour trip flew by, trading off using the kayak and paddle board, swimming in perfect deep spots, and hitting little rapids. We saw beautiful wildlife, chatted, and bonded. Unfortunately, as you get older, these times sometimes become less frequent, and life is busier. So cherishing these meaningful moments are very important. Love you, dad!”

Abby Enslow, our Neighbor Success Advisor, has a special moment with her father that she shared with us. 

“I grew up in Maryland and I went to college in North Carolina, so it’s about a 7 hour drive to get back to school. I was making the solo trip to start my senior year, it was late August and I was driving my 2001 Honda Civic in the blazing summer heat. I was three hours into my drive when I ran into stop and go (mostly stop) traffic on a busy 5 lane highway. That’s when my car started smoking from the hood, and I could only pull over on the left shoulder. My phone was on 5% battery (my car was too old to charge phones), and I used it to call my dad to frantically tell him the situation. He told me to call AAA with my last 3%, so I did. My phone

Abby and Dad

died, and I waited on the side of the road, hoping the tow truck understood my location from the poor directions I gave them. I waited there for hours until the tow truck rolled up, and he took me to the closest mechanic. In the past when I went to the mechanic, I would just put my dad on speakerphone to talk to them, (I don’t know the first thing about cars), but my phone was still dead and there was no charger in sight. I went and sat down in the waiting room, trying to remember someone’s number so I could call for help from the mechanics landline. I hung my head and cried, hopeless. That’s when my dad walked through the mechanics doors, he had driven 4 hours to rescue me! The car was going to be a while, so he took me to dinner, booked a hotel, and we made a weekend out of it. My dad rescued me from trouble and he turned a bad day into the most memorable weekend.

No matter how old I am, I will always need my dad!

Dads have a special place in all our hearts. Whether that is our father or a father figure in our lives. So this Father’s Day go celebrate by doing what they love to do or what you two love to do together. Whether it’s grilling or going on a walk or run or even just sitting back and enjoying a movie. Whatever it is, do it with intention and thankfulness. 

Olivia Timbone