Community Partner Highlight: Meet Hank and Hunter

By: Olivia Timbone

Last month, we relaunched communities in Wilmington, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee and welcomed two young entrepreneurs to lead them. Hank McMillin and Hunter Knowles, both recent college graduates, came to Surv motivated by our mission and the opportunity to run their own businesses.

Hank McMillin, a Eastern Michigan University graduate moved to Nashville a year ago. For him, his new job as Community Partner is the perfect way to live out his love for DIY projects. Growing up, his father always encouraged him to save money by building and repairing things on his own. It’s also a good fit for his love for mentoring youth, which did for several years as a hockey coach in Michigan. 

After moving to Nashville, Hank quickly came to love the city’s music scene and variety of small neighborhoods. “With so many young people moving here, it makes it feel like you’re part of a growing city.” For him, joining Surv as a Community Partner also an exciting time to be building his own business, which is something he’s wanted to do since a young age. “I’m excited to have something that I can put a lot of time and effort into and see it grow.” 

After moving to Wilmington for college, Hunter Knowles fell in love with the city’s laid-back vibe, diversity and combination of downtown urbanism and beach vibes. “It’s a rapidly growing city and I’m proud to be a part of its success.”

As a Business Major with a background in sales, Knowles was originally planning to work his way up the ladder as a car salesman with BMW Wilmington, but became discontent with the lifestyle. He and a mentor discussed potential new career paths. “We decided the next step was to find an early stage start-up company with a role where I could take ownership of my successes.” 

The very next day, he heard about Surv on LinkedIn and the rest is history: “It’s great to be a part of a company that really wants to make a good impact in our communities rather than just [make] profits.”